Saturday, 7 May 2011

She found the sky remote again!

Isabella found the Sky remote again and being that little bit older she was able to play with it more.  She was sat there with a look of total amazement at the little red flashing light at the end of the remote everytime she pressed a button and then when the channel changed she looked surprised.  Being the clever little baby that she is she soon realised that pressing the buttons meant the channel changed and there was no stopping her - we had the radio channels, 16 and pregnant, stand up on Dave, the music channels, full volume and no sound and a laughing Isabella who thought that it was great and she didnt try to eat it this time which is always a plus!
It was funny watching her sat there holding the remote and laughing her head off and bouncing around while she changed the channels and the look on her face was a picutre.

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