Sunday, 15 May 2011


Isabella has now learnt to crawl, day 1 started with as my wife put 'the humping stage' and she managed to go about 5 cms before falling forward, by the end of day 1 she was managing a couple of crawls.  Day 2 there was no stopping her she made it from the living room into the dining room and into the kitchen!
Now we have the joys of watching where you step just incase she has moved behind you, she also loves shaking her head when you say no and like all children across the world no means yes and yes means yes lol.
She gets that twinkle in her eye when she sees something she wants and knows that she shouldn't have gives you a big smile and a laugh and goes for it - shaking her head everytime you say no and laughing as she gets closer.  I can safely say I love being a dad and I am so glad I am here to see Isabella growing and developing.

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