Sunday, 12 June 2011

What people think doesn't matter

How many parents out there worry about what other people are thinking?
Yesterday I went to football with our middle child (he is 6), big sister came too and it was a nice sunny day and we sat on the grass watching, behind us there were two mums with young babies and one of the babies was crying and a bit grumpy and you could see the mother getting worried what people were thinking and she seemed too shy to try and make her baby smile.  Isabella got a bit grumpy and so I sat her on the grass and sang nursery rhymes to her and we played with the grass and she had a good old crawl around, I didn't care what people were thinking as Isabella was having fun and when she started laughing you could see others smiling.  Too many people get hung up on not looking stupid when it shouldn't matter as long as you and your baby are having fun, who cares if you are a bad singer (I am no X factor contestant!!!!) but Isabella doesn't judge me on that (YET! lol), a happy baby is much better than a stressed parent who is worried about what everyone else is thinking. 
Remember everyone was a baby once and you need to make it as happier time as possible as you only get one chance and the people around you are not really bothered about if you look silly that is all in your mind.

Eastenders is still a winner

Isabella is still fascinated with the Eastenders theme tune, it is the only programme on telly that she will stop what she is doing and watch.  She still sits there smiling and clapping along to the music (she is not so keen on the actual programme though as she generally falls asleep and wakes up for the end).
Its a shame the adverts have changed because she thought those were hilarious and the under dog advert used to get a few chuckles too.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Isabella had a good look through the Argos catalogue today - we now need a new one!!! There was paper everywhere but she loved it.  Her favourite things seemed to be security lights and solar light animal figures as she was crawling round the room with those pages in her hand.
She loved it when everyone else joined in and was throwing the paper around and it was falling all over her.