Things to remember before leaving for the hospital

  1. Have you got the car seat?
  2. Have you got the hospital bag(s)? (this can include Babies, Mums and Dads - Yes dads can have one too!)
  3. Have you put the steriliser on with the bottles in for when you get home?
  4. Have you got milk formula in? (if you are bottle feeding that is)
  5. Do you have Nappies?
  6. Have you got cotton wool? (cotton wool and water to clean you baby is far better to begin with than using wipes)
  7. Have you got musiln squares for winding? (unless you are happy to have you top drenched with baby sick)
  8. Have you got your hospital notes (this one applies to mums hospital notes!) This one is very important or so the midwives will tell you)
  9. Do you know which route you are taking to the hospital?
  10. Very important - before setting off have a look beside you and check that in the mad rush and panic you haven't forgotten mum-to-be!!!!!!!!!!!!!