Baby stuff

Some people believe that their baby needs everything under the sun and go mad when it comes to preparing for their little ones arrival.  I can say that most of the stuff you buy will spend ages stuffed away in wardrobes, up in the loft or under the bed.  Babies do not need lots of stuff when they are first born apart from sleep suits, bibs and nappies.  It surprised me how much they dont actually need until they are that bit older, however that is not to say that if you see something that will be of use a few months down the line that you ignore it and wait if it is a bargin too good to miss.
As I have said never under estimate how many bibs and sleep suits you will need for your little one (our 7 month old went through every sleep suit we had for her in one day when she was newborn as she wasnt keeping her milk down).  I would recommend getting enough bibs and sleepsuits in to last you a few days with regular changes as the last thing on your mind will be keeping up with the washing until its too late lol.
A good tip a friend of mine gave me and should be adhered to by all parents using milk powder is never leave it till you are almost out of powder before you get the next tin, in his case he dropped the tin on the floor and had to search for a shop that had some more in a some silly hour of the morning while his wife had to comfort a hungry baby.