Thursday, 21 June 2012

Its the simple things

When you are looking for ways to keep your baby/toddler happy remember its not about going out and spending a fortune and getting all the latest gadgets.  Isabella loves being out in the garden and so we brought a picnic bench for her age with an umbrella which she loves, she sits at it when the sun is out (which in the UK is a bit hit and miss!) and will eat her lunch, we got her a sandpit and toys (spades, buckets, castle moulds, rake etc) and peppa pig football, in spite of getting these she loves nothing more than being outside and just playing - she loves playing chase and runs up and down the garden and she also loves helping when I water the garden although she has her favourite Strawberry plant that gets most of the water.
She has her favourite programmes on telly which are currently, Peppa Pig, Fifi and the Flower Tots and The Simpsons (she gets upset when the adverts are on and sits there saying 'SIM SIM'. So remember its not all about what you can get them its all about spending time with them and encouraging them in what they like and joining in with them when they are playing, there is nothing better than when Isabella runs up to me and gives me a big cuddle and smile when she has been playing.

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