Monday, 18 April 2011

The Beach

Yesterday Isabella was feeling alot better and so we decided that as the weather was nice we would go to the beach - Isabella was brilliant in the car chatting away most of the journey saying 'dada' and 'bla bla' and squealing away thinking everything was great.  We got to Christchurch and she was all excited and happy and when she saw the beach and the sea she had a look on her face of WOW this looks different. 
She was happy sitting in the beach tent looking at the sand and sea and trying her hardest to get hold of anything in sight and reach.  One she was changed and ready to go out on the beach she started to clap and giggle and she now likes to walk while being held and she has all the right moves but cannot walk unaided (yet!!), she thought the sand was brilliant and tasty?? she managed to get her hands covered in it and just like any baby straight to the mouth! The sea was freezing on my feet but she didnt seem to care about that and loved paddling in it and didnt want to stop and she looked so cute in her swim suit and hat sat on the beach laughing and smiling.

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  1. I remember when we first took Thomas to the beach, he crawled after Jess and every so often would sit down and have a munch of the sand!!! Not so keen on the sea though...........