Friday, 25 March 2011

Designer or Own Brand?

What a decision lol, you find out that you are going to be parents and you start thinking what do I get? When it comes to clothing some people like to go out and but loads of designer clothes but when you think about it whats the point?  A lot of the designer labels out there have sizes like up to 1 month and so with all the other clothes you buy chances are they might wear it once or not at all.  Our little one seems much happier in non designer clothes as they seem softer and more stretchy (technical term there lol) and all round more comfortable for her - she is certainly happier in them than other clothes she has. 
You dont need to spend a fortune to get plenty of clothes and if people ask you if you would like baby clothes when your little one comes along remember to let people know not to just get 0-3 months as otherwise you will have loads to start with and then suddenly run out as it surprising just how quick they grow.


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